About this area

MapleTeaRice Leisure Agricultural Area is a closed mountain area, preserving farmland and forest. There is water in the valley all year around; therefore, the main agricultural product is rice. On the maintain side are many tea gardens, indoors vegetables and flower cultivation. You can see diverse rural ecology.

We hope that the future generations can see the beautiful scenery and get to know here. It is a feature rural area for residents and natural environment to coexist with natural landscape of maple, tea and rice.


Good Tea

Drink good local tea and experience DIY tea making.

Natural Ecological Tour Indispensable in Life

Learn about the nature with friends in the fendofine environment.

Feature Cuisine, Courtyard Landscape

Enjoy local cuisine in the beautiful courtyard.

DIY makes more Fun

Enjoy the fun of DIY and play with your creativity.


Yicheng Tea House

The owner is dedicated in improving tea planting. With the assistance of Farmer’s Association, they first established as a small tea factory and used machines to improve yield rate.

Full Eco-Farm

Full Eco-Farm grow rice and a few vegetables and fruits with the principle of environmental-friendly with no long-distance transportation, no excessive packaging, and plastic reduction. 

Liangmei Garden Restaurant

Liangmei Garden Restaurant offers Taiwanese cuisine. The boss plants many local plants and cook them as local cuisine. You can also enjoy seasonal fruit here.