Full Eco-Farm

Full Eco-Farm grow rice and a few vegetables and fruits with the principle of environmental-friendly with no long-distance transportation, no excessive packaging, and plastic reduction. They organize several activities, including four season lecture, DIY experience, farming practice and ecological record to encourage the public to think about the social and environmental issues of current agricultural and rural areas.

Business Hours: Please make appointment on FB.
Ticket: Free
Payment: Cash/Transfer
Passenger Capacity: 40 people
Language: English
Parking: 1 tour bus, 10 cars
Facilities: Ecological Park, Plant Area, Camping Area, Spraygrounds, Paddy Field Area, Fruit Farm, Bike, Tandem

E-mail: fullecofarm@yahoo.com.tw
Address: NO. 106, Zhongkeng Street, Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City
Website: https://www.facebook.com/FullEcoFarm

Brown Rice: NT140/ 1.2kg
The species of brown rice is Taiken 9. No pesticide is used and it is planted with water level to suppress weeds and snails. It is delivered every week with fresh. It contains high fiber and nutrition. Chew it slowly and eat well.

Experience service
Agricultural Practice NT150/pp
Plant and collect seasonal vegetables, such as white bamboo shoots, yam and needle flowers. Or experience rice farming, collecting apple snail.

DIY Experience NT150/pp
Make rice pizza, colorful rice dumping or other dishes. Create with natural material, such as branch ornaments, seed cell phone charm and bird flutes.

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